Who Are We

Learning through Inquiry
We take steps to ensure that our program is always fresh and innovative.

Primary School Science Specialist

At Science Alive, our programmes are structured according to MOE syllabus.

Yet our priority is also to develop the young minds beyond the Primary School syllabus and allow them to gain in-depth learning through exposure and exploration.

Our programmes are designed to instill a Passion for Science in our students, so that they can achieve Academic Excellence, while enjoying the learning process.


Develop Critical Thinking Skills

At Science Alive, we believe in more than just hands-on activities in our lessons. Other than being fun and stimulating, our lessons encourage students to relate Science to their daily lives.

Our experiments and inquiry-based programmes empower our students to develop Critical Thinking Skills. They get to explore Science in the real world, beyond textbook concepts.


Experienced Tutors

We want our students to succeed. Our tutors have several years of teaching experience. They have designed specialised programmes which allow students to quickly grasp Science concepts and reach for that A*.

We consistently update the contents of our programmes to ensure that they are always fresh and innovative.


We take steps to ensure that our program is always fresh and innovative.

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